What mothers REALLY want for Mother’s Day

Not chocolate, not flowers, just peace and quiet.

SAN ANTONIO — If you haven’t done it already, consider this your friendly reminder to get mom a Mother’s Day gift now.

But what you may have already bought, or are planning to get, may not really be what mom wants. Chocolates and flowers are no longer the “go-to” when it comes to what moms want. 

Instead, many mother’s apparently just want peace, quiet, and to be left alone. 

Melissa Stephenson, a media relations representative with North Star Inbound representing Solitaire Bliss told us, “Those are the typical, you know, go-to things for Mother’s Day. And so surrounding this, it was nice to be able to kind of take a look at what we don’t always talk about.”

Solitaire Bliss surveyed moms and found half of mothers wish they had a spouse or partner who helped with chores more often. 

If they have to ask for help, 70% said they’d just rather do it themselves. One in four mothers had less than two hours to themselves each week. But close to half, or 42%, wish they just had more time to themselves for their mental health, to remain happy and to remain positive. 

“Stress, it feels like at an all time high for some people, you know, some are better at, at creating that time alone. But moms did say that 86% actually said that they need it for their mental health,” said Stephenson.

Out all of the least stressed states, Texas ranks number seven in the nation with a peace and quiet score of 85. But Minnesota takes the top spot with a peace and quiet score near 95. 

Stephenson said, “Goes to show that families in Texas are giving their moms this extra time. And 65% also said they’re satisfied with the amount of effort that their family puts forward. So that’s something to pat yourself on the back for it in Texas.”

We asked moms on Facebook what they’d like. Elizabeth Hewitt told us, “Nothing really just want my kids to not fight with each other and a quiet Sunday.” 

Jennifer Cortez said, “If I’m being honest and aside from being with my children and grandkids, I would love a powerful and lightweight leaf blower.”

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