What’s the biggest loss in Dallas Cowboys playoff history?

The Wild Card Round matchup between the Cowboys and Packers was almost one of the biggest losses in Dallas’ history by point differential.

ARLINGTON, Texas — Dallas Cowboys fans straight up did not have a good time in Arlington on Sunday.

Heading into the team’s Wild Card Round matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, expectations were understandably sky high. After the team won the NFC East and earned the No. 2 seed in the NFC, fans had every reason to believe this year’s Dallas Cowboys team were legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

What they got instead was a slap in the face.

The game was a complete drubbing. By the fourth quarter, the Packers were playing bench players.

At one point, Dallas was down 32 points. If things stood pat there, it would’ve been tied for the worst loss in Cowboys playoff history.

It’s all especially disappointing considering that it’s the only home loss the Cowboys have suffered all season.

In the end, the Cowboys lost to 48-32 to the Packers.

What’s the biggest loss in Dallas Cowboys playoff history by point differential? 

  • 1. 32 points (1992). 38-6 loss at the Detroit Lions (Divisional Round)
  • 2. 31 points (2009). 34-3 loss at the Minnesota Vikings (Divisional Round)
  • 3. 24 points (1969). 38-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns (Divisional Round)
  • 4. 23 points (1972). 26-3 loss at the Washington Redskins (Conference Championship Round)
  • 5. 20 points (1985). 20-0 loss at the Los Angeles Rams (Division Round)
  • 6. 19 points (2003). 29-10 loss at the Carolina Panthers (Wild Card Round)
  • 7. 17 points (1999). 27-10 loss at the Minnesota Vikings (Wild Card Round)
  • 8. 17 points (1973). 27-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings (Conference Championship Round)
  • 9. 16 points (2023). 48-32 loss to the Green Bay Packers (Wild Card Round)
  • 10. 14 points (1982). 31-17 loss at the Washington Redskins (Conference Championship Round)

For the record, the Cowboys’ largest loss in any capacity was a 44-0 loss at the hands of the Chicago Bears in 1985.

Credit where it’s due: The Cowboys put up a bit of a comeback attempt there. Had they pulled it off, they would have tied for the largest comeback in NFL Playoff history.

Alas, they did not pull it off.

And the Super Bowl drought continues. So much for the curse bring lifted!

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