Which neighborhood should be featured next on KSAT’s Know My Neighborhood?

If you want to know the feel of a neighborhood, it’s always good to get a guided tour by people who know it best, and that’s exactly what KSAT is doing with “Know My Neighborhood.”

Our newsroom is dedicated to listening to members of our community and letting them set the agenda for our coverage.

So far, we’ve covered all corners of San Antonio, from Westwood Square and Alamo Ranch to Harlandale-McCollum, Dignowity Hill and Shearer Hills-Ridgeview. Find all the episodes on the Know My Neighborhood page.

KSAT wants to hear from you. What neighborhoods should we visit and why should we visit them?

The monthly episodes air during a takeover of the KSAT 12 News broadcast at 6 p.m., anchored by Steve Spriester and Myra Arthur.

KSAT.com also features an interactive page that presents the stories from the project.

“This is a grassroots effort to tell the stories, the hopes and the fears of the people we serve, through the storytelling of the KSAT News Team,” Spriester said. “What we hope is that while we may be separated by miles, or blocks, or even city limits, there is much more that unites us and our dreams for our community’s future, than what divides us.”

The team behind the project described it as “a deep dive into issues on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.”

“The bottom line for me is these are our viewers and they have stories to tell that are Uber Local,” said Spriester. “I’m not talking about a tree that hangs over a property line, but things like fears they will be priced out of their homes, that code compliance isn’t doing its job, and the desire that they know the police officers that patrol their neighborhoods. There are great stories to tell, and I think we should tap into the neighborhoods to help us tell them.”

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