Why Astros starting pitcher Ronel Blanco was ejected in Tuesday’s game against Oakland

If he’s punished, Ronel Blanco will likely face a 10-game suspension.

HOUSTON — After tossing three shutout innings against Oakland on Tuesday, Houston Astros starting pitcher Ronel Blanco was ejected for apparently having a foreign substance on his glove.

Umpires made the call after checking Blanco’s glove for foreign substances as he took the mound in the fourth inning against the A’s.

MLB announced a new policy in June 2021 in which any player caught using foreign substances on baseballs would receive a 10-game suspension.

If he’s punished, Ronel Blanco would be the first suspension of 2024 for foreign substance use, according to spotrac. The last player to be suspended under the rule was Robert Suarez of the Padres last August.

Here’s the moment Blanco received the ejection:

Third base umpire Laz Diaz ejected Blanco after a check of his glove before he threw a pitch in the fourth inning. The umpires, Blanco and Houston manager Joe Espada stood at the mound for a couple of minutes discussing the issue before the right-hander was ejected.

Blanco’s glove was confiscated and first base umpire Erich Bacchus ran off the field with it and took it somewhere before returning.

Blanco held out his hands and patted them together in front of the umpires while they inspected his glove before he was ejected, and he did the motion again after he was tossed.

Blanco, who threw a no-hitter in his season debut, allowed four hits and struck out one in three scoreless innings Tuesday. He has a 2.09 ERA this season. The Astros led 1-0 when he was replaced by Tayler Scott.

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