Witness saw two men getting off a bus shot at with bb gun. Now others are coming forward saying it’s becoming scary trend in SA

“There’s going to be a citizen that is not going to discern whether it’s a gun or not. You see a gun pointed at you, somebody is going to shoot back.”

SAN ANTONIO — A woman witnessed the shooting and shared her experience on in a Nextdoor App Post, since then she’s heard from others that this has happened to them.  She is hoping by sharing her story the shooters can be caught.

“They are targeting helpless people just getting off the bus,” said the witness.

Wednesday afternoon the two men were walking on the sidewalk on Goliad Road near East Southcross, after getting off the bus, that’s when a gray Dodge Charger drove by with two men inside.

“They started shooting at them, and so they were scrambling,” said the witness.

The witness says the passenger in the car was wearing a ski mask, she spoke with one of the victims after the shooting.

“He gestured to and pointed at his cheekbone, saying that he had been hit in the face,” said the witness.

The incident brought back memories, because one of her family members had been shot about a year ago, in the same area.

Roman Garcia says he had just walked out of the Gold’s Gym on Goliad Road, and was walking on the sidewalk when he saw a car driving slowly next to him.

“I heard metal (hitting something), that’s when I noticed that these ricochets were shots being fired at me. Then I tried to jog off to the next parking lot, when they pursued me,” said Garcia.

Garcia says he thinks the shooters got scared off when he pulled out his phone, thankfully he was not hit, but says he is now more cautious when walking.

“Always be vigilant, keep a lookout,” said Garcia.

The post on Nextdoor has others coming forward saying they have also been shot after getting off the bus.  The witness says the shooters should be cautious as well, because they may come across someone with a real gun.

“They’re going to find that at some point, there’s going to be a citizen that is not going to discern whether it’s a gun or not. You see a gun pointed at, you know somebody with a legitimate reason to shoot back, will shoot back,” said the witness.

Police reports were filed in both shootings, we did reach out to San Antonio Police to see if there was any update or arrest, but have not heard back.

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