Young breakaway roper follows in dad’s footsteps at Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Speed Williams is an eight-time World Champion Team Roper. Now, his 20-year-old daughter has competed in her second RodeoHouston.

HOUSTON — A young woman is making a name for herself in the rodeo world as she follows in her father’s footsteps. 

“They’re all kind of difficult it just depends what kind of difficulty you end up getting that day,” said Hali Williams, 20, when talking about the calf she had to rope during her breakaway event at RodeoHouston Wednesday. 

Last year, she won with a horse named “Red Light.” 

“The level of difficulty at this arena is it’s really hard on the horse so we really want to make sure that he’s feeling the very best that he can,” Hali said. 

Hali gives Red Light his vitamins about two hours before she takes him out for his ride.

Hali’s dad, Speed Williams, is also her coach. 

“I’m an eight-time world champion header consecutive that is and my daughter is 20, competing in her second Houston Rodeo,” Speed said. “She was my little cowgirl from the time she was little.”

Speed said his goal was to raise his kids and teach his kids something he knew about. 

Now, Speed is a professional breakaway instructor where his family lives up in Comanche, Texas. He said he let his daughter ultimately decide on whether she wanted to throw a rope.

“There’s a lot of money to be made as beginners and as you move up,” Speed said.

Hali’s won more than $200,000 from breakaway roping in the last two years.

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