10-month-old baby on life support while investigation underway to determine what happened to her

The family is praying for a miracle but prepares for a funeral.

PEARSALL, Texas — The family of 10-month old Nylah Gonzales of Pearsall said they know the end is near for the little girl and they are devastated.

They said the bright-eyed child is being kept alive on machines at University Hospital while they wait for organ donation arrangements to be made.

Of her current condition, one relative said “She was a beautiful baby and seeing her little body swollen and hooked up to life support machines is heartbreaking.”

Officials with the Frio County Sheriff’s office confirm they are looking into how the girl was injured.

They said she was hospitalized in Pearsall Wednesday night, but airlifted to San Antonio when doctors realized her injuries required more urgent care.

Investigators and family members confirm the girl has bruising on her body and unexplained head injuries.  

The family said the injuries are consistent with abuse, but investigators said they are waiting for more information from medical personnel before they make a decision about moving forward with a case.

Relatives have created a verified Go Fund Me account to help with funeral expenses. 

The social media post by an uncle reads: “As most of you are already in the know, my precious great niece’s soul went to be with our Lord this past week. As of today, her body is currently still in the hospital awaiting organ donation.”

Adding to their heartache, the family said an erroneous post on social media claimed the little girl had already succumbed to her injuries. Relatives responded by saying even though the situation appears grave, they want people to continue to pray for the girl.

Child Protective Services has weighed in on the investigation, saying they expect the investigation into what happened to be lengthy and complicated.

They provided a written statement that reads:

“Our top priority is to ensure the safety of children. While details of investigations are confidential according to law, DFPS is investigating this case alongside law enforcement.” 

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