Bexar County couple facing charges for suspected repeated abuse of 4-month-old girl

Jacobo Jimenez Sanchez and Andrea Esmeralda Mena were arrested after two incidents in May led authorities to suspect the baby was suffering abuse at home.

SAN ANTONIO — A Von Ormy couple is in custody and facing charges for repeatedly abusing their 4-month-old baby, resulting in serious injuries, Sheriff Javier Salazar said. 

Salazar said the baby’s biological parents, 26-year-old Jacobo Jimenez Sanchez and 26-year-old Andrea Esmeralda Mena, were arrested after two incidents in May led authorities to suspect the baby was being hurt at their residence in the 1000 block of Rockport Road.

On May 21, Salazar said, the baby was taken to Children’s Hospital of San Antonio for “persistent vomiting.” According to the sheriff, the explanation at the time was that the other three children in the house were all suffering from stomach ailments, so the baby must’ve also had it. The baby was prescribed medication and sent home.

The 4-month-old was brought back to the hospital on May 29, but this time her condition was much worse.

Salazar said the baby was suffering from a bulging fontanel, or soft spot. Salazar described the graphic injuries, including a bulging cranium from pressure buildup and bulging eyes. A CT scan also revealed the baby had suffered brain bleeding.

Child Protective Services was notified so that a safety plan could be put in place for the baby and an investigation into the abuse began.

Salazar said there were prior allegations of domestic violence involving this household in the past.

The main witness in the case is the couple’s 4-year-old son, who told authorities he witnessed their father throwing the baby to the ground, causing her to bleed from her head.

The investigation found that those claims matched up with injuries suffered by the child.

Salazar said the couple is being interviewed by authorities and will soon be booked on their respective charges. He added that it’s possible the baby will suffer long-term complications resulting from her injuries.

This is a developing story.


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