‘It was an accident’: Interrogation video shown to jury of man on trial for fatally shooting roommate

SAN ANTONIO – A man accused of killing his roommate told police it was an accident.

Jurors, on Wednesday, heard Quovante Walls describe the 2022 shooting during his police interrogation.

Walls is accused of the murder of Mario Miller inside their Northwest Side apartment complex.

Miller was found near the front door with a gunshot to the head.

Walls later told police they were arguing about money and it was Miller who had threatened him with a gun.

“We had just got done fighting,” Walls said. “I know I took the gun from him. It was an accident,” Walls said after he panicked and left the scene.

Walls was later found walking away from the complex near Bandera Road.

During the video, the detective leaves, and when he returns, he tells Walls he just saw surveillance video of the shooting.

In it, he said that Miller can be seen walking toward the door with bags in his hand when it appears he is shot in the back of the head.

Walls said he didn’t mean to.

“I know for sure I pointed the gun at him and clearly shot him, but not intentionally,” Walls said.

Testimony, in this case, will resume on Thursday.

If found guilty, Walls is facing up to life in prison.

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