Bexar County records system up and running after system malfunction earlier in the week

The Bexar County records system is back up and running after a system malfunction prevented people from leaving jail even after posting bond.

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — The Bexar County records system is fully operational as of Friday according to county officials.

The delays are the result of the county implemented a new program called Odyssey that officials say will bring Bexar County records into the 21st century.

In a press conference, Judge Peter Sakai explained how the existing program that had been used dates back 50 years.

“The county has spent a lot of money to get it upgraded,” he said. 

That upgrade is to a platform Sakai and his counterparts in the conference referenced as “state of the art technology.”

That technology is officially known as Tyler’s Odyssey court case management and SoftCode civil process solutions meant to enhance civil offices and departments, according to an article published in 2021 by Businesswire.

The article goes on to quote Mark Gager, chief information and technology officer in Bexar County. It quotes Gager as saying, in part, that “upgrading to Tyler’s solutions brings increased efficiency and accuracy to our processes, and we look forward to realizing even more benefits over time. The go-live process was smooth despite having to implement the solutions mostly remotely during the pandemic.”

Last Thursday, May 30, the county utilized the program in the criminal justice sector, which caused what 379th Criminal District Court Judge Ron Rangel called a “blackout period” from the time it was launched until earlier this week.

This period of time caused a backlog of cases in the jail system—800 cases, to be exact. 

Thanks what Sakai, Rangel and Gager are calling “around the clock work” by IT teams in the county, they’ve been able to reduce that number to 200 as of Thursday afternoon. 

The human toll of that backlog was evident this week. On Wednesday, it amounted to frustrated Bexar County families who told KENS 5 their loved ones were unable to be released from jail despite having the money to post bail. 

“People have been in there the past three days because of the new system they’ve implemented,” one man said. “If you’ve been sitting in a cell for three business days, that’s a substantial amount of money that you’re missing out on. You’re not going to be able to cover the necessities of life.”

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