Bexar County set to open applications for gun safety research funding this week

SAN ANTONIO – Big Mama’s Safe House has a simple mission, but it’s one that’s tough to tackle.

“Whether you’re a gun owner or not, we want to educate everyone on safety,” Big Mama’s Safe House executive director Rosemary Williams said. “We want to invest in our children and the safety of our children.”

The gun safety nonprofit is trying to change San Antonio’s gun violence statistics through service and education. Soon, Big Mama’s will have a new office located on the West Side. However, staying visible in the community requires support.

Bexar County hopes to help through the first phase of a gun safety and education initiative. The county plans to partner with local organizations to learn where the community stands on these issues.

“They are the experts on what they do,” Bexar County public information officer Monica Ramos said.

Community-based organizations can apply for the funding starting Friday morning at this website. Each group can receive up to $5,000 to help gather gun safety research in phase one.

Ramos said the county has $100,000 to give out.

“This program will reach different individuals where they live and where they work with their interact,” Ramos said.

The funding will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, but the deadline for submissions is Sept. 12.

Phase two of this initiative will take data found in phase one and create an outreach plan to address specific needs in Bexar County. Ramos said a separate round of funding is expected for phase two.

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