‘Please just come forward’: 15-year-old survives hit and run, investigators still searching for the driver

BCSO said it happened Monday night off Windfield Path near N Foster Road and witnesses described the car as a black Dodge Charger.

SAN ANTONIO — A 15-year-old was seriously hurt after a hit and run Monday night and now his mom is hoping the driver comes forward.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said it happened around 9:15 p.m. off Windfield Path near North Foster Road.

The teen’s mother, Claudia Gutierrez said her son, Aaron, along with his friend Corbin were walking home after playing basketball at the park when it happened.

We met up with the three of them minutes after Aaron got home from the hospital.

“I’m thankful he’s alive,” Gutierrez said. “I wouldn’t want a mother to lose their child over someone that just got hit and didn’t stop to help their child.”

Aaron said he was walking around a parked car with its headlights off, when he dropped his phone.

“It landed right next to the car tire,” Aaron said.

He said right as he picked up his phone, the car started moving and ran over his foot. Aaron said he then grabbed onto the vehicle.

“I probably shouldn’t have done that, but it was flight or fight instincts, I wasn’t really thinking in that moment,” Aaron said.

His friend, Corbin said he was distracted by a barking dog but next thing he knew he turned around and couldn’t find Aaron.

“Then I look back at the car and I see him fall off the side and he rolled like a solid 15 feet,” Corbin said.

Aaron said the car drove off quickly. Corbin recalled it was a black dodge charger and had turned left on Foster Road. Another witness ran to help and recalled the same thing, according to investigators.

Gutierrez said her son was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg which required surgery.

“No mother should be getting that call from their child at all,” She said.

Aaron said he truly believes it was an accident but said the driver had to have noticed him. He is hoping they come forward to take accountability.

“Please just come forward and talk to the police, please,” Gutierrez said.

Investigators are working to see if anyone had any videos of the incident. If the driver is caught, they could face a failure to stop and render aid charge. If you know anything, give deputies a call.

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