Coldest night of the arctic blast is coming to San Antonio. Here’s how low temperatures will go.

A warming streak will be short-lived until another arctic blast returns in time for the weekend and rain by early next week.

SAN ANTONIO — The time has come for San Antonio to experience the coldest night of the arctic blast, Tuesday heading into Wednesday. 

How cold will it get? If the temperature holds as predicted, the city could tie a record set back in 1930. San Antonio already smashed a record by 10 degrees on MLK Day, when the San Antonio International Airport reached 29 degrees, becoming the coldest high temperature since 2007. 

In case you’re wondering when San Antonio will warm up, it will be very soon, but also short-lived. Temperatures will be so warm in the next 48 hours that you’ll want kick the AC back on. 

However, another arctic blast returns in time for the weekend and rain arrives by early next week. Talk about wild weather to kick off the year.

Here’s what San Antonians can expect over the next seven days:

Tuesday (High 36 and Low 18): A Hard Freeze Warning and Wind Chill Advisory are in effect for San Antonio overnight into Wednesday morning. Although wind chills won’t be as cold as they were Monday night, temperatures will plummet and San Antonians will experience the coldest night of this arctic blast. 

By 7 p.m., San Antonio temperatures will have dropped to below freezing at 30 degrees before overnight temperatures drop into the teens. It will be around 15 degrees by Wednesday morning. For those low-lying areas and places farther north of San Antonio, such as Boerne, expect temperatures as low as 8 degrees!

San Antonians will want to make they check off those cold weather precautions: Drip those faucets, wrap the pipes, bring the pets in and check your neighbors.

This frigid cold weather is caused by a process called radiational cooling. On Tuesday night, when winds become calm and skies clear, the ground loses more heat and cools faster, allowing temperatures to drop lower than they have the past couple nights. 

Wednesday (High 46 and Low 15): This will be the coldest morning with temperatures around 15 degrees and single digits for those farther north. These conditions will pose a risk to anyone spending time outdoors to frostbite and hypothermia if not wearing proper warm clothing. Dress in layers and cover any exposed skin to keep warm during these below-freezing conditions. 

Good news is this will be the last day of dangerously cold temperatures as a southerly wind returns by the afternoon allowing temperatures to rise above freezing in the 40s. This day will also be the last day of temperatures dropping in the teens overnight. In fact, San Antonio could get out of a hard freeze for the next 48 hours as huge warm-up is in store for Thursday.

Thursday (High 70 and Low 35): San Antonians should enjoy the outdoors as high temperatures will feel like spring near 70 degrees. But San Antonians shouldn’t get too comfortable as another shot of cold arctic air will push through that evening. Unfortunately this arctic air will bring more dangerous wind chills for Friday morning. 

Friday (High 49 and Low 36): Winds will be breezy and stay gusty at 30-35 mph by Friday afternoon. This will allow temperatures to stay in the 40s for the rest of the day. Overnight temperatures will drop in the 20s so a hard freeze could develop through Saturday morning. 

Weekend: Over the weekend San Antonians can expect morning temperatures around 25 degrees with a north wind around 15-20 mph. San Antonians will still need their big jackets as afternoon temperatures for Saturday and Sunday will be in the 40s. 

Clouds will move in for Sunday as our next upper level system bring more moisture and a chance for heavy rain beginning next week. 

Monday San Antonians will see rain and possible storm activity through Tuesday but we will continue monitor this system to determine how long arctic air stays in place but currently temperatures should stay above freezing. 

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