Communities in high crime areas push for more resources

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department has been working with a UTSA criminology professor for about a year on a plan to reduce crime in hot spot areas.

The policing plan places police officers in their vehicles in areas with high crimes with their emergency lights flashing for about 15 minutes.

On Tuesday, he will tell the committee what the numbers show on whether this plan is working to reduce crime overall.

But a community member says many who live in those high crime area are not impressed by the statistics presented by police of the district attorney’s office.

Charles Sattiewhite, creator of the nonprofit San Antonio Rising Stars Inc. has started a basketball league for men over 17-years old as a way to encourage and mentor them out of the life of crime.

He says more effort needs to be put in by the city and county to create job opportunities, education and counseling for areas with high crime.

“If we are able to just breathe life, just keep breathing life, yes. We’re living in a dark world. Yes, crime rate is up. But what if we start speaking life and say, yes, we can be the change. Yes, we could create opportunities. Yes we could do better,” he said. “That’s the key. Doing better and and create opportunities, because we need it. Not only do the kids need it.”

His family has lost a child to street violence and he says it’s difficult to hear city leaders talk about lower crime statistics when he hears the cries of families mourning.

“I don’t go by statistics, because I hate to hear that mother’s cry. They yell, that screams from within. It breaks you,” he said. “And then even myself. I’m trying to figure out how do I comfort my wife? You know, she don’t want to hear about the statistics, you know? She just want to see results.”

The public safety hearing will take place on Tuesday, at 10:30 a.m.

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