Director Don Servais retires from KSAT after 36 years

Pushing buttons is what Don Servais loves. The pressure, the responsibility, and the excitement aren’t in his job description, but they are things he has experienced for 36 years. You may not recognize his name, but chances are you’ve seen his work.

“Probably the best five hours I ever had here was the night that the Spurs won their very first world championship because I was in the control room that night,” Servais said.

Don Servais has been in the director’s chair at KSAT for life-changing events, like flooding coverage, hurricane evacuations, and yes, Spurs Championships. He is retiring on July 1st.

“I try not to think about that. You know, because in many ways, I’m kind of looking forward to it. But in other ways, you know, I’m going to miss it, and I’m going to miss the people that I had close contact with over the years,” said Servais.

So, as he closes out his KSAT career, he’s not planning on just kicking back and putting his feet up. Don is working on a book for people who want to get into television, considering a podcast, and continuing to run a fantasy baseball league made up of current and former KSAT employees. A man who spent his career behind the scenes is ready to say “goodbye,” but that doesn’t mean he won’t be watching.

“KSAT will carry on. We are not going to have any problems, you know, with the future because it’s a great station. The people here work very hard,” Servais said. “I think it’s just time for a lot of us veterans here to, kind of take it easy. To enjoy yourselves. To, you know, say goodbye tension, hello, pension.”

We wish Don all the best, and we’re pretty sure that whatever he chooses, he’ll push the right buttons.

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