Family fears loved one could’ve been targeted due to his sexuality, killer still on the loose a year later

The victim’s sister Joslin Leard recalls the painful days from a year ago.

SAN ANTONIO — A murder in broad daylight is still unsolved one year later. On Feb. 21, 2023, Zachary Leard was shot and killed in a parking lot, police say.

His family fears, it is a possibility, he may have been targeted because of his sexuality.

The victim’s sister Joslin Leard recalling the painful days from a year ago.

“Seeing him in the casket, it still didn’t feel like it was my brother,” she said. “I didn’t make it any more real for me.”

San Antonio olice said, last year, Zach was found shot to death in a apartment complex parking lot off Vandiver near Eisenhauer. At the time, police said someone shot Zach and left him to die in the parking lot before taking his car and cell phone.

Joslin said she believes her brother may have met the person who took his life through a dating app.

“It scares, me because I still don’t know if it is a targeted attack, if it was because he was an openly gay man,” the sister said.

Almost 24 hours after the murder, Zack’s SUV was eventually found several miles away.  

“To my understanding they are still pursuing a lead, but still looking for any information,” she said. 

Throughout this time, the family has been reminding the LGBTQ+ community to be safe, when using a dating app.

“I hate this feeling I don’t want someone else to go through this feeling,” she said. “I am using this tragedy to be more vocal about things.”

At the end of the day, Joslin hopes an arrest will happen soon.

“People are telling me of just wait until there is an arrest made, maybe you will have closure,” she said. “But, it still doesn’t feel like it is going to be enough.”

SAPD told KENS 5 the detective assigned to the case, said there was no update and that the investigation is still active and ongoing.

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