Incredible! San Antonian pulls a 1-of-1 Victor Wembanyama card at a local sports card store and didn’t know it

This Spurs fan pulled one of the rarest Wemby cards at San Antonio’s Boomtown Sports Cards & Collectibles.

SAN ANTONIO — Luck was certainly on the side of this local San Antonio Spurs fan, and she did not know it.

Lynne, a huge Spurs fan and fanatic of basketball cards, went to the local store, Boomtown Sports Cards & Collectibles, located on Bandera Rd., for her daily stop to pick up a pack of cards on the hunt for a Victor Wembanyama card.

But she will never forget this visit; fortunately, she realized her tremendous stroke of luck.

Lynne pulled the rare, one-of-one Wembanyama Superfractor card from a pack of Bowman University cards and didn’t realize it.

“Oh, that’s a pretty Wemby,” she said, not realizing she was holding one of the rarest Wemby cards.

Ultimately, she was made aware of the one-of-a-kind card but still says she is looking for an autographed Wemby card.

“But I still want a Wemby auto,” she said.

The card could be valued in the thousands of dollars based on other rare Wemby cards.

Recently, collectible auction house Goldin announced a rookie Wemby White Prizm card sold for a staggering $13,420, which Goldin claims is an all-time sale price in that particular card style.

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Also, a 1-of-1 Topps Dynasty Wembanyama card was pulled during a box break, which will likely reach a record all-time price. It featured drawings of a UFO, an alien, a mustachioed Wemby, and his autograph by the Spurs center himself.

It also has a piece of the NY Yankees jersey he wore this past summer ahead of the 2023 NBA Draft.

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Keep on visiting your local card stores. You never know if you will be the next to pull one of the rarest Wemby cards.

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