Local speech pathologist suffering from nephrotic syndrome is in need of a kidney

Adriana Rodriguez had her life interrupted when her kidneys failed nearly two years ago. Her husband found a unique way to help.

SAN ANTONIO — Adriana Rodriguez is grateful this Mother’s Day. Her mom was able to give her a kidney when she was a child. But now she needs another kidney. Her husband, Kevin Rayhons came up with a unique way to help. He says the gift of life comes in many forms.

“Transplants can take up to five to seven years,” Rayhons said.

While his wife waits on a kidney transplant list – he is selling aloe plants. Giving life – in hopes someone will help give his wife a longer one.

“Mainly just to get word out,” he said. “We want to find that one person that’s willing to donate their kidney, go through the process, and be a hero for my wife.”

Rayhons’ wife, Adriana Rodriguez who is in need of a kidney feels as though she’s lost her identity.

“I’m always at home,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has struggled for years with nephrotic syndrome – a kidney disorder. When she was six – her mother gave her a life-saving gift.

“I was blessed because I wasn’t on dialysis for very long because my mom decided to give me her kidney,” she said.

Living 27 years with her mother’s kidney – she’s in need of a new one. She’s currently living on dialysis. Rayhons says the longer you’re on dialysis, may lead to complications.

“The harder it is to get a transplant,” Rayhons said. “And the harder it is to get the transplant to take because of the damage it does to your body.”

Rodriguez says all friends begin as strangers – finding connections through the plants her husband is selling – she hopes favor grows in her direction.

“If they want to be part of my family, and hopefully they can embrace me and I can be a part of their family, I’d be more than grateful for this,” she said.

If you would like to help, click here. You can apply to become a directed donor for Adriana Rodriguez. You can also follow their Facebook page: A Kidney 4 Adriana where they post her updates.

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