Major San Antonio hotel showcases local entrepreneur’s water business

SAN ANTONIO – From the foster care system to entrepreneur, artist, and influencer, Phillip Hodge is working hard to make a name for himself. Now, a major San Antonio hotel is taking notice.

Hodge, also known by his rapper name, Thuggizzle, grew up in San Antonio. In 2021, he launched the water company, ‘Thuggizzle Appalachian Mountain Spring Water.’

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Hodge says part of it is he wanted to help young people make better health choices, “If you look at our bottles, it’s very colorful. And, you know, a lot of sodas and juices. That’s how they attract the kids. So I wanted to do something in that way, to be able to say; “Well, if they can attract them with colors to drink unhealthy stuff, let’s attract them with colors, then get them to drink healthy stuff’.”

The Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk is partnering with Hodge as part of its goal to support small businesses and non-profits. According to its statement, the Thuggizzle water will be offered at the hotel.

“Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk is committed to caring for people so they can be their best, and that extends to the care it has for the local community. The hotel is dedicated to supporting small local businesses and non-profit organizations and has several related partnerships and programs in place.”

Recently, the hotel partnered with Thuggizzle, a San Antonio-based water company that serves Appalachian Mountain Spring Water in aluminum bottles. The water bottles help keep water cold and are more eco-friendly than plastic water bottles.

Thuggizzle is made by local rapper, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Phillip Hodge (aka Thuggizzle) to help encourage young adults to ditch sugary drinks and choose healthier drinking solutions. Hodge is also the creator of the Thuggizzle Cares Organization, which runs several community-focused initiatives, from children’s reading programs to veteran support programs.

The hotel will be offering Thuggizzle water bottles in its on-site marketplace, which serves grab-and-go dining selections. It will also provide Thuggizzle bottles to VIP overnight guests.

In addition to the partnership with Thuggizzle, the hotel supports local minority-owned businesses. Each year, Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk co-hosts the “Change Starts Here” vendor expo with the Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk and San Antonio Hotel & Lodging Association. The event supports and highlights local minority-owned businesses ranging from whiskey companies to branding agencies.

At the age of nine, Hodge and his siblings entered the foster care system. He says his story and mentors have shaped his motivation to reach for the stars.

“Beyond the challenges, it’s something to motivate others to never give up because, I mean, whoever thought that, you know, Thuggizzle would have spring water in Hyatt hotels,” Hodge said.

Hodge has also launched Thuggizzle Cares, a non-profit aimed at helping families with parenting classes and case management.

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