Man taken to hospital after being shot by police during standoff

Police said preliminary information indicates that the suspect may have pointed his gun at police.

SAN ANTONIO — One person was shot Tuesday by a police officer following a standoff on the city’s far southeast side.

Around 1:30 p.m., San Antonio Police tried to stop the suspect who had an active felony warrant for domestic violence after he shot his girlfriend days ago, Police Chief said Chief McManus.

As police tried to stop the suspect, he fled down South Cross. Police say the suspect had a gun and a woman was inside the vehicle with him but she was able to get out. 

Chopper 5 arrived at the scene and the video showed a silver car surrounded by law enforcement vehicles. About a dozen officers had their guns trained on the vehicle from positions of cover. After several minutes, video showed numerous officers open fire, leaving bullet holes in several windows. 

Chief McManus said this was the point when the suspect put the gun to his head, then reportedly pointed it at officers. That’s when police fired shots at the man, striking him.

After the shots were fired, video showed officers remained in cover for about a minute, then slowly approached the car before one tried the driver’s side door. It didn’t open, and they retreated back to cover. About five more minutes passed before officers again approached the vehicle and opened the passenger door. A man exited the car from the driver’s side door a minute later. He was obviously injured. Law enforcement slowly approached and appeared to cuff the man, who was lying on his chest. Officers appeared to begin rendering first aid, and about three minutes later the man was put into an ambulance.

The suspect taken to the hospital in an unknown condition, although Chief McManus said he was talking while being loaded into the ambulance.

Police stress this information is preliminary, and an investigation will continue.

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