WATCH LIVE: Law enforcement opens fire on vehicle with man inside during standoff on Southeast Side

Several law enforcement officers fired into a vehicle during a standoff on the Southeast Side Tuesday afternoon.

A KSAT 12 helicopter flying over the scene spotted a silver sedan with at least one man inside.

Several law enforcement vehicles surrounded the stopped vehicle around 2 p.m. near Southcross Ranch Road, just east of Loop 410.

After several minutes of having their guns drawn and pointed at the vehicle, several officers fired, striking the vehicle multiple times.

The car appeared to be stopped in the middle of the street of a neighborhood with homes nearby.

Minutes later, a man in the driver’s seat got out of the vehicle slowly. The officers took him into custody and paramedics began treating him.

Multiple agencies, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, are responding.

An ambulance and fire truck were on the scene.

The details about what led to the incident are not clear yet.

KSAT is working to confirm more information.

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