Paying for too many online subscriptions? Here is how to find, cancel them.

Take a close look at your credit card bill; you may find a few surprises in the form of forgotten monthly subscriptions.

If you’re tired of paying for those you no longer use but can’t quite figure out how to cancel, you’re not alone.

To cancel unwanted subscriptions, you first have to identify them. Sometimes, they’re simply forgotten. Check your credit card statements for recurring payments.

One easy way to do this is to use a subscription tracking tool, such as Rocket Money or OneMain Trim, which finds and then helps you cancel subscriptions you no longer want.

Second, opt out. For example, to see a list of apps you’re currently paying for through Apple Pay, open the app store on your phone, click “account,” then “subscriptions.” From there, click cancel on those you’re done with. These steps are similar to those for the Google Play store.

Finally, get organized and keep track of discounted or free trial periods. When you cancel, sometimes you get a “don’t go” offer for a free extension or discount.

If you accept, set a calendar alert two or three days before the promotion ends. The same goes for any free trial subscription you might sign up for.

Setting an alert for when you need to cancel will help you juggle multiple trials at a time.

To take your digital housecleaning a step further, check out the Permission Slip by Consumer Reports. It’s a free app that lets you control what data you share with companies you do business with.

It could soon be easier to end unwanted subscriptions. Last year, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a “click-to-cancel” provision that would require companies to let you cancel subscriptions as easily as you were able to sign up.

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