San Antonio group spreads anti-bullying message through social media

SAN ANTONIO – King Kyle Lee said he’s trying to stop bullying in its tracks.

“Kids need to know that they are loved and people have their back,” Lee said.

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That’s why Lee created the Anti-Bully Gang.

“We want them to see who has their back and who cares about them and who pulls up for them,” Lee said. “When I talk to the kids, I ask them one question, ‘Do y’all like to be bullied? No. Okay. Why is anybody bullying?’”

The group is based in San Antonio and has a mission of stopping bullying and spreading positivity. It has taken social media by storm, and millions of people tune in each video to support its efforts. Over the past three years, Lee said they’ve helped more than 50 kids. Now, he’s looking to take this movement nationwide.

“This is just the beginning,” Lee said. “We keep in touch with them, and we make sure that they’re okay.”

How does it work? Lee said parents reach out to him on social media asking for his group to show up and support their children who are being bullied. The Anti-Bully Gang then shows up in the school pick-up line to cheer on and celebrate that child.

While at pickup, Lee meets with other children and talks about the need for bullying to stop. He said he knows change won’t happen overnight, but with persistence, it will eventually.

“It’s going to take a while,” Lee said. “But it can happen.”

One of those kids helped was Adam Tagle. Tagle said he was struggling to make friends in middle school, so his mom, Miranda Cijerina, reached out to the Anti-Bully Gang for help.

“It’s brought my son back,” Cijerina said. “He smiled for the first time in about two years. He was smiling. He was happy. He wanted to go to school.”

Tagle said he made a forever friendship after meeting Lee.

“He’s like a brother that stands in front of the bullies and is going to make them go away,” Tagle said.

Lee said he’s currently working on creating a nonprofit to take this group nationwide.

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