San Antonio sixth grader named semifinalist in ‘Take Care of Texas’ video contest

Bianca Abigail Shipley is hoping she can use her skills to earn scholarships and one day graduate from Harvard University.

SAN ANTONIO — The ‘Take Care of Texas’ video contest is an exciting opportunity for students think of creative ways to learn about protecting the environment. Bianca Abigail Shipley is the only San Antonio semifinalist in the competition.

Shipley has loved videography and video editing for as far back as she can remember. She once had dreams of becoming a movie producer, but now she’s looking at becoming an engineer. This video contest is just one step in what she’s planning for an ambitious future.

Protecting the environment is a large task for any one person to take on. Shipley focused on different ways to travel that did not have harmful effects on the environment.

“I chose the one to take care of the air, not pollute the air as much,” she said.

What makes her videos unique, is her use of perspective.

“I like first-person, POV videos because it’s like more life-like… you can kind of experience the moments in your mind. And I think that’s really cool,” she said.

Her mother, Bianca Karen Shipley, says this isn’t just a hobby for her daughter.

“I am proud, I am very proud,” she said. “[This is] opening more of her options on how to use some of her skills in something that can be used for her in the future.”

Bianca Abigail is hoping she can use her skills to earn scholarships and one day graduate from Harvard University. But first she wants to inspire other students to follow their passion.

“If you have a passion, I say follow it, because it can lead you to success often,” she said.

In order for Bianca Abigail Shipley to make it to the third round of the competition, she’ll need your vote here. Voting ends January 24th. First prize winners will be recognized in May.

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