SeaWorld San Antonio welcomes beluga whale, Pacific white-sided dolphin calves

SAN ANTONIO – SeaWorld San Antonio has several new additions to its whale and dolphin pods after a summer baby boom!

The park is celebrating the arrival of two cetacean calves, a Pacific white-sided dolphin and a beluga whale. It also recently welcomed a California sea lion, a harbor seal, and a critically endangered radiated tortoise, according to a news release.

The births of the two calves happened within two days of each other at the Beluga Whale and Dolphin Stadium, SeaWorld said.

“Based on early observations, we are cautiously optimistic that both the calves and the mothers are on the path to reach normal milestones,” said Katie Kolodziej, curator of Zoological Operation at SeaWorld San Antonio. “Our team of animal care specialists will observe the calves and mothers around the clock for the next several weeks.”

SeaWorld said Piquet, a 36-year-old Pacific white-sided dolphin, and Luna, a 23-year-old beluga whale, have raised multiple calves each.

Piquet birthed a female calf after 50 minutes of labor. The calf weighed about 20 pounds and measured about 20 inches long.

Luna’s male calf was born after two and a half hours of labor. It weighed 130 pounds and measured 4 feet long.

SeaWorld said the calves will swim alongside their mothers for several weeks. They will be introduced to the existing pod of whales and dolphins with 10 beluga whales and eight Pacific white-sided dolphins.

The park said the calves would be observed and studied to provide information that would be nearly impossible to gather in the wild.

“For over 20 years, SeaWorld has partnered with St. Mary’s University in San Antonio to conduct observational research on several species of animals at the park including Pacific white-sided dolphins and beluga whales,” the news release said. “Mother and calf interactions, growth rates, nursing patterns and rates, emergence of independent behavior, and social bonding can all be monitored and provide valuable data that can be shared with other members of the zoological community, allowing for additional insights on these fascinating species.”

SeaWorld said all of its recent newborns are showing signs of good health, and officials are cautiously optimistic that the babies and mothers will integrate well.

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