Bexar County Public Works beet juice de-icing solution working well … – KSAT San Antonio

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – As we dipped to near-freezing again on Wednesday, Bexar County Public Works treated roads to keep them from icing. A KSAT 12 News crew road along with the Public Works Department as they treated roads. “I do think the tanks hold around 500 gallons, and we have about eight of ‘em,” … Read more

San Antonio endures a little more cold and rain before sunshine … – Texas Public Radio

A cold snap that left some parts of Bexar County and San Antonio without power and heat — and glazed in ice — will fade away as temperatures rise and sunshine returns before the weekend. The National Weather Service reported temperatures will warm 10 or 20 degrees depending on location as the day progresses on … Read more


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