Texas Outdoors: Saddle up with the South Texas Trail Riders

When you look at the world from the back of a horse, you see things in a whole new perspective.

KARNES COUNTY, Texas —  Imagine you’re on the 150 mile ride from Tynan to San Antonio with the South Texas Trail Riders. In a lot of ways it’s like the clock of time has turned backwards.

It’s been happening for the past 65 years and ends with the Grand Entrance to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. 

Travis Culpper started on this ride as a little boy where he met one of his best friends, and now shares the Assistance Trail Boss duties with that friend, Jarrod Pollard. 

“Camaraderie, this is family. This has always been a big part of my family” says Culpepper.

They make sure all the horses, mules and buggies don’t just stay in line but also keep things safe and ensure the ride goes off without any problems.

When Liz Vesely joined the ride years ago didn’t have a horse, and still doesn’t. She rode in a wagon and fell in love with it. She’s now the secretary for the organization, does PR, Social Media  and just about anything else anybody needs along the way.

“It’s all about keeping the cowboy tradition alive” says Liz Vesely. 

Others, like Pat Doty mainly relax and enjoy the ride. Doty, not the Wagon Boss has been on this ride 53 of it’s 65 years. 

He says the people, the friendships and the fun keep him coming back, “I just enjoy it” he says. I know what he means. I met many of these folks 5-6 years ago and now I come back every year, although it’s usually just for a few hours to check in and ride a shot way. Doty says “I guess I’ll keep doing it until they throw dirt oin my face!”

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