‘There was no blood in his car’ | Mother of young man who went missing following North Texas car crash pleads for answers

Three weeks ago, 22-year-old Waid Robison got in a car crash, and nobody has seen him since.

FORNEY, Texas — 3 weeks ago, a 22-year-old man named Waid Robison got in a car crash, and nobody has seen him since.

Sunday, on Mother’s Day, Robison’s mother Diana and grandmother Sharon met with WFAA in the hopes someone might see his story and share any information they have.

Forney police say Robison crashed his car on Highway 80 on April 21, and he hasn’t been seen since. What happened after the crash, and why and how he disappeared, remains a complete mystery. 

“He hasn’t used his ATM card,” Sharon said.

“There was no blood in his car either,” Diana added.

Police spent days searching for Robison, but eventually stopped, saying they’d exhausted all their efforts.

“There’s nothing I can do…we’ve been praying a lot,” Sharon told WFAA.

“We just want him home,” Robison’s sister, Katie said.

Katie has waited at home for her brother every night, while her husband Dillon, with the help of several other volunteers, have resumed search efforts on their own.

“The hardest part is telling [Katie,] ‘I’m coming home, and I don’t have her brother,” Dillon told WFAA.

Robison’s phone was recovered at the scene, his family said. Still, his mother keeps calling and texting.

“I don’t know if it helps me feel any better just by reaching out,” Diana said, crying.

Diana spent Sunday posting missing posters of her son on local businesses, and also reminiscing on the gift he gave her last Mother’s Day.

“He sent me just a thing of metal roses….” she said.

Robison’s family is asking anyone who thinks they know or might have seen something to please come forward.

The Forney Police Department says despite the fact officers stopped searching the woods for Robison, detectives are still investigating his missing persons case and looking for leads.

Anyone who may know anything about Robison’s disappearance is asked to call police.

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