Viral trend asks women ‘Which is scarier, man or bear?’

It’s a question that’s been trending across social media — bear or man?

It’s a scenario directed toward women and it asks which would you rather encounter if you were alone in the woods.

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In the trending videos, the majority of women say they’d rather encounter a bear.

Many of the videos and posts have garnered millions of views and comments and as you can imagine, it’s stirred up some controversy.

Some say the poll is prejudiced against men.

Others say, the hypothetical question raises valuable questions about violence against women in our society.

The trend apparently started with a video by the pop culture account Screenshot HQ:

Following the initial video, many have commented or posted their own videos explaining why they would choose a bear over a man.

One commenter said, “Bears seem more predictable.”

Another said, “You have some chance of scaring a bear away.”

“No one’s gonna ask me if I led the bear on or give me a pamphlet on bear attack prevention tips,” someone said.

“Globally, an estimated 736 million women—almost one in three—have been subjected to physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence, or both at least once in their life,” according to UN Women.

Because most violence against women is perpetrated by current or former intimate partners, KSAT has compiled a list of resources for victims of domestic abuse.

What do you think about the question and the responses?

And for women, weigh in on the original question:

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