You’ll never guess where this Spurs-themed bus was spotted….

It’d be hard for anyone to top this display of fandom on wheels, no matter where in the world they live.

SAN ANTONIO — It’s no secret that the reach of San Antonio Spurs fandom extends overseas, given the team’s history of international stars and current roster makeup. The team’s 2025 Paris games may not have been announced until April, but no one could have blamed them for quietly starting their preparation the day they drafted eventual Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama 10 months prior. 

And yet, for all the tremors of Wembanyama’s astounding rookie season that were felt in France, it turns out it’s another country on a neighboring continent where one can catch a ride on the most eye-popping Spurs-themed bus hitting the road. 

Bearing the likeness of Spurs legends like Duncan, Popovich and Wemby, it'd be hard for anyone to top this display of fandom on wheels.

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San Antonio resident Christopher Smith has been in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, since early March visiting his partner. He says it hasn’t been out of the ordinary to run into NBA-themed buses touting the greatness of Bulls or Lakers history. 

That changed Tuesday afternoon, when Smith, while wearing his own Spurs cap, says he ran into a Spurs-themed bus imprinted with the franchise’s legacy. Video he took and shared with KENS 5 shows the extent to which the bus’s owner tried covering every inch in Silver & Black greatness, right down to the likeness of the Big 3, the Fiesta-themed logos on both doors and the five Larry O’Brien trophies signifying the team’s titles on the vehicle’s grill. 

“I knew the buses were here, I’ve seen them, but it’s hard to catch one at a bus station like this one so I could video it all around like I did,” Smith, a Marshall High School alumnus, told KENS 5. “Just dumb luck and (I) finally got the footage.” 

Elsewhere on the bus are the likenesses of Wembanyama, Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich. 

According to Smith, the vehicle is a “matatu,” referring to a privately owned minibus that operates as a taxi and are often decorated with the images of famous people or brands. The back of this one spotted by Smith even provides some recreation, in the form of a basket for an impromptu game of pickup. 

Another bus Smith says he has spotted features Wemby even more prominently, with “his arms spread out.” Still unknown, however, is whether this matatu is as decked-out with Spurs touches inside as it appears on the outside. 

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