BCSO deputy arrested after threatening multiple cadets with Taser, sheriff says

BEXAR COUNTY – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one of its deputies on multiple charges after he allegedly threatened cadets with a Taser.

BCSO’s Public Integrity unit arrested Andrew Garcia, 23, at a Guadalupe County home on Wednesday. Garcia is charged with two counts of official oppression, assault with bodily injury, and harassment, all misdemeanors, said Sheriff Javier Salazar.

BCSO became aware of the harassment on Jan. 3 and began an investigation and placed Garcia on administrative leave, Salazar said.

Investigators learned an 18-year-old cadet was threatened with a Taser and/or was shocked with the weapon on Nov. 28, the sheriff said.

The cadet told investigators he felt he was in danger during his training.

BCSO later learned Garcia used a stun gun on the cadet, he said.

Investigators said an additional cadet was also threatened by Garcia. Though the 30-year-old cadet was not stunned by the deputy, he was repeatably harassed.

Salazar said Garcia “terrorized” the cadet by aiming the Taser’s red laser at him.

“I can not even imagine you are placed in this situation when you are entrusted to a senior deputy, a senior member that is supposed to be training you in the proper way to do your job. However, as opposed to worrying about learning how to do your job, instead, you are being preyed upon, and now you are worried about the issue at hand, mainly the inmates, but you also got to watch your back against someone that is supposed to be training you,” said Salazar.

BCSO tracks the use of its Tasers with an electronic signature when they are deployed.

Investigators discovered that Garcia used the weapon eight times while working with the 18-year-old cadet.

Sheriff Salazar said Garcia has been served with the office’s intent to terminate his employment.

As a part of its ongoing investigation, BCSO will continue to speak with other trainees to find any other potential claims.

“I can safely say that this deputy has seen his last day in a Bexar County uniform,” said Salazar.

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