Longtime San Antonio diner Pig Stand to close after 100 years

The San Antonio Pig Stand sits on Broadway. 

The San Antonio Pig Stand sits on Broadway. 

Mike Sutter/Staff

Less than a month after a San Antonio developer purchased the property, the owner of an iconic Broadway diner says that it’s time to close its doors for good. Mary Ann Hill, owner of Mary Ann’s Pig Stand, confirmed to MySA that the 101-year-old diner will serve up its last plate of breakfast and cup of coffee on Sunday, March 12. 

“It’s time,” Hill says. “My doctor says, ‘No. It’s too much stress. You’re under so much stress.'” 

Hill says she had open heart surgery in June 2022 from which she is still recovering. She also says that once she closes the restaurant, the name will go with her. There’s no expectation for anyone else to take over the business. Hill had previously shot down rumors that the diner was closing in December 2022, although saying that the restaurant would eventually close.

The property at 1508 Broadway was purchased by local developer GreyStreet Partners in late February, but at that time Hill told reporters that she planned to negotiate a new lease. Now, in her condition, Hill says this is what’s best for her. What happens to the property is unclear, but GrayStreet has been in the business of purchasing old restaurant properties, having bought the former Mexican Manhattan building.

Hill says some of the items inside the restaurant might be sold in an auction but there is no confirmed date. MySA will follow up with Hill soon to see if a date is set. 

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