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I love coffee.

Thankfully, San Antonio has a number of great coffee shops serving up caffeine hit. In fact, I do most of my writing in some of these great San Antonio cafes. I recently listed the eight best places to get coffee in San Antonio, all of which serve fantastic coffee.

And it looks like there will be even more choices for coffee drinkers as some big out-of-state players look to open in San Antonio.

Utah-based Beans and Brews has announced plans to open up to 40 locations around San Antonio and Austin. The business was started in 1993 and has 68 locations across four states. It is famous for its ‘high altitude roasting’ at 4400 feet above sea level.

As they explain on their website:

In general, roasting beans too hot or too long results in scorched or “baked” coffee—to avoid this, you want to roast them at the lowest possible temperature for the least possible amount of time. In the higher, thinner air of our mountain valley, this is much easier. And we can achieve a smoother, more intense flavor than you could anywhere else.”

Beans and Brews aren’t the only out-of-state business looking to expand in San Antonio. 7Brew Drive Thru and Tim Horton’s will also open locations soon, while Classic Rock Coffee Co. has recently opened.

Do we need more out-of-state businesses opening coffee shops in San Antonio? It’s time for your thoughts on the issue.

Your thoughts

Are you glad that out-of-state coffee businesses are targeting San Antonio and other cities in Texas? Do you believe more competition is good? Or would you instead support local San Antonio businesses? What is your favorite coffee place in San Antonio?

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