San Antonio-area school districts hopeful for new hires at upcoming teacher job fairs this weekend

SAN ANTONIO – Teacher shortages have plagued districts across the board, and it’s been an ongoing problem for the entire school year. Some San Antonio-area districts are trying to get ahead of the game with job fairs this weekend before the summer arrives. Jackie Horras, human resources director for Northside ISD, said the district had … Read more

Air quality affects brain gains

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Air quality doesn’t only affect your lungs, but it can also impact other organs. From boosting mood and improving focus and concentration to lowering the risk of dementia and increasing longevity, the benefits of exercise on the brain are bountiful. “The longer on the treadmill, the lower your mortality is,” … Read more

Abortion funds gain support amid SCOTUS draft opinion leak

SAN ANTONIO – It’s a grassroots effort growing across the nation: abortion funds. Abortion funds rely solely on donations and provide on-the-ground resources for abortion seekers needing direct funding or covering other expenses. They are most common among local or regional organizations as federal law does not require medical plans to cover services, and states, … Read more