What are the odds your favorite character from ‘Succession’ will end up on top?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for the current season of “Succession.”

“Succession” wraps up its fourth and final season this Sunday, and the question on every fan’s mind is who will be the ruler of Waystar?

With (spoiler alert) Logan Roy six feet under (well, technically in a tomb) and unable to decide who will be his successor, it’s now up to his deeply unserious children to fight it out for the top spot of the company.

It’s not just Kendall, Roman and Shiv who want the spot, too. There is the mysterious Swede who wants to buy the company, the always ambitious Tom and of course, Cousin Greg, who is without a doubt the most unqualified of the group.

The folks over at SlotSource.com have compiled a list of each major character, and the odds of them becoming the next CEO of Waystar. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Shiv Roy (Odds: +200)

I truly though Shiv was down for the count after election night, but now that her brothers have wrongfully declared that a fascist as the winner of a Presidential election, Shiv has a new fire under her butt. If Matsson truly does end up buying the company, and if he appoints Shiv as the “American CEO,” then all will be right with Shiv. However, I’ve watched this show long enough to know that is not how it will go down.

Shiv is too self absorbed, and this plan will certainly backfire on her. I do think that President-elect Mencken will allow the sale of Waystar to go through for Matsson, but I think Matsson will pick someone else to be CEO.

Kendall Roy (Odds: +200)

The prodigal son is tied with his younger sister when it comes to the odds, and that makes sense for Kendall right now. While his personal life is an absolute mess, at the end of the day, he does seem the most qualified out of his siblings to take over the job. After all, the very first episode of “Succession” starts with what Kendall thinks is the announcement to become his father’s successor.

That being said, nothing ever goes right for Ken, and he’s currently on the outs with Matsson, who frankly wants nothing to do with him. I think the only way for Kendall to become CEO is if Mencken blocks the sale of the company, but even that seems unlikely now, given how Matsson and Mencken seemed to bong at Logan’s wake.

Lukas Matsson (Odds: +400)

This seems like the most obvious answer, right? Matsson wants to buy the company, and Logan wanted to sell it to him. If we’ve learned anything from this show, it’s that Logan always wins, and I fully believe that, even when he’s beyond the grave.

There is, however, the question about these bad numbers in India. This has to get brought up at some, point, right? Why would the show bring it up if it’s not going to play a part in the end. Unless it was a red herring. I think Matsson will end up buying the company, but he won’t appoint himself as CEO. I think he will appoint an American, but it won’t be Shiv, like she thinks it’s going to be.

Gerri, Carl, Frank or Con (Odds: +500)

This category sort of encompasses the folks who work behind the scenes at Waystar, and in reality, are the ones really pulling the levers (well, except Con. He’s only had political aspirations from a very young age). Do I think that someone like Gerri, Frank, Carl or ever Karolina will be the CEO? Absolutely not. The sad thing is that they’d all be way more qualified than any of Logan’s children.

Tom Wambsgans (+700)

Oh, poor Tom. His wife hates him, the news network he runs is destroying democracy and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t slept for more than four hours this entire season. It would really shock me if Tom ended up as CEO. He would certainly do anything to get the position, but ever since Logan died, he’s had no one in his corner. Tom just seems super sad this season, and nothing has gone in his favor. I think he should quit his job and get ready to become a dad. A role he actually has wanted his entire life!

Roman Roy (+1000)

Honestly, I thought Roman was going to end up as CEO. Logan seemed to want to bring Roman into it near the end, and after the Election Day episode, it seemed that Roman had gone full evil, and would be running Waystar in no time. That was, until, his father’s funeral.

Seeing Roman break down while trying to give a eulogy at Logan’s funeral was heartbreaking, even for a character who doesn’t have too many redeeming qualities. The irony is that Roman handed the election to Mencken, and that completely backfired on him when he decided to show raw and real emotions at the funeral. Mencken now sees Roman as weak and emasculated. That’s the price you pay when you help a fascist neo-Nazi steal a Presidential election!

Once this finale is over, I hope Roman seeks some intense therapy. Actually, all the Roy children should.

The dark horse: Cousin Greg

The folks at SlotSource.com don’t give Greg any odds at being named CEO, which I really think is a mistake. “Suceesion” loves to shock us, and what would be more shocking than the incompetent Cousin Greg being named CEO?

This is how I think it’s all going to go down. Matsson will purchase the company, and Mencken won’t block the deal. Matsson told Shiv in episode nine that he’s going to appoint an American CEO, but he didn’t say it was going to be her. I think after Logan’s funeral, Mencken won’t want any of the Roy children as CEO, so they will have to look somewhere else.

That’s when Greg comes in. Matsson weirdly liked Greg. He’s weaseled his way into conversations with Matsson and his Swedish team, and it seems that they have a strange fondness for Greg’s awkwardness.

Of course, the board will have to approve of this, and which member of the family is on the board that has a close tie to Greg? His grandfather, of course. Part of me thinks that Matsson and Mencken like Ewin because he spoke honestly about his brother at the funeral, and they’ll be down to appoint Greg to CEO so they can control the company from behind the scenes.

It’s a pretty wild theory, but “Succession” is known for doing wild things. It would be shocking, but it would also be fun to watch.

What do you think? Will one of Logan’s children come out on top? Will someone else swoop in from the sides? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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